Why Bugs Are Creepy

This is just speculation based on my own experiences.

1. They come out of nowhere! Seriously, where do they come from? How do they get in? Do they come in the door? The window? What? And why do I not notice them until I am about to step on them? Or sometimes they suddenly appear on the wall or the ceiling. And have you noticed how much creepier they are when they’re inside the house instead of outside where they belong? I have. Especially when I don’t see them coming. So, the surprise factor is definitely creepy.

2. They’re little (comparatively). Some bugs are HUGE – for a bug. But they all are smaller than people, and even smaller than most animals. This is creepy because you can lose sight of them. They might go inside your shoe without you noticing. They might even crawl on YOU when you’re not looking! And they might even get tangled up in your hair or something – then it’s REALLY hard to get rid of them. This is why girls scream sometimes when bugs are around. It’s not because they might hurt us (unless it’s the hurting kind); it’s because WE might hurt THEM. I, for one, do not want a dead or injured bug stuck in my hair. I also do not want a live bug anywhere on me or on my stuff. Creepy.

3. They are ugly.  Okay, there are some bugs that, to some people, may approach cuteness (such as woodlice or jumping spiders).  However, even they lose a lot of their “cuteness” in certain (read: many) situations.  For other bugs, ugly is just the only word for them.  I’m not discounting their potential usefulness.  There are many bugs that I put up with (e.g. house centipedes, some spiders) because they do things like eat worse bugs.  And others are good for the environment; I just don’t like them in my house.  They are ugly.  And creepy.

4.  They get into things.  Like food.  Or my kitchen floor.  Ew.  I won’t even bother listing the worst culprits.

5.  They… creep.  Sneaky little buggers.  And sometimes, such as with silverfish, it’s hard to tell even what direction they’re going to go next.  Silverfish are especially creepy because sometimes you can’t even see that they have legs.  They just look like little streaks of mercury moving around.

So, now I have clearly illustrated why bugs creep us out.  There may be more reasons that I didn’t think of, but that only makes my point stronger.  I commend those people who enjoy the creepiness of bugs.  They can have all the bugs they want.  They can even have the next bug I see in my house.  I don’t want it.  They’re creepy.


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  1. Finally got around to reading this. They are creepy! And gross. I had an ant infestation recently and just when I thought I got all their nasty little carcasses swept up I found more in my bedroom, which is the only room I managed to keep the live ones out of–or so I thought. They make me look like a bad housekeeper.

  2. Seriously!! Last night we had a HUMONGOUS cricket in the middle of the kitchen floor. How did it get there? It was HUMONGOUS!!!

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