This is such a fascinating topic to me – not so much the celebrities themselves, but the effect they have on the rest of us.  First of all, I am endlessly annoyed by the ridiculous amount of attention they get.
It doesn’t annoy me so much if the attention is for the work they’re doing – whether their acting work, or philanthropic efforts, or some other project they have. But the vast majority of the articles I see have headlines about their clothes, or their relationships, or some rumor about their cat’s social schedule.
I don’t CARE how great or not great they look in a swim suit. I don’t CARE what they supposedly said to… whoever… about their supposed boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s cousin. I don’t CARE that they dyed their hair red this year when the dark brown color last year looked so much better on them. I don’t even care where they send their kids to school or to summer camp. And I especially don’t care where they went shopping last week or what they bought. But the vast majority of the stories and articles about them seem to be focused on these very things. And there are a large amount of stories and articles about celebrities and the clothes they wear or where they went on vacation.
There is SO much more information in the world! There is SO much more I want to learn about, hear about, read about.
But what really irks me is how often I get drawn in to the celebrity stuff. Grr! Why?! Why does this happen?! What is this strange power of learning random, useless, information about people I don’t know?!
I make a conscious effort to leave the celebrity articles alone and focus on things that really interest me. And I still get drawn in sometimes. I don’t know what else to say about it, except that it frustrates me each and every time.
Does this happen to anyone else around here, or did I just reveal too much about myself?


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