What I Deal With at Work

One of my job duties is leading a guitar class for several of the music therapists in my area.  We learn new songs, work on skills (guitar skills), share music, and pretty much practice all things guitar.  Today, after working on Barre chords for awhile, I decided to give the class’s fingers a break and work on some melodic playing.  I didn’t sense any excitement about “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” “Working on the Railroad,” or “This Land is Your Land,” so I suggested working on a walking bass line for the twelve bar blues. 

I heard the word “torture” from one girl several times during the class.  I’m not sure whether she was referring to the walking bass line or to the bit with the Barre chords.  In any case, be warned:  Apparently, I can inflict some pain.

But I wanted to relate what we were learning to music therapy.  So, I mentioned some situations in which it might be useful to play a walking bass line – as a time fill while waiting for the client to do something or while giving instructions, as relaxation music, as “break” music to invite the client to return to the session when ready, etc. 

Then I mentioned how I had learned & practiced this bass line during very similar situations, such as while waiting for a client to return from the bathroom, so that the client would be aware that music therapy was still happening and be invited back to the session.  Only I worded it something like this – “… and I practiced this a lot while my client was in the bathroom.”  I thought this was a completely harmless statement.  But it got this response from the class wise guy:

“Were you in the bathroom WITH the client?”

“Uh, no.  Why would I do that?”

So, even though it was COMPLETELY apparent what I had really meant, the wise guy still proceeded to name the walking bass line “Brittney’s Bathroom Blues.”  Sigh.  The things I put up with…


Here is a picture of a guitar I no longer own. But I really like this picture because of the whole light-shadow/reflection effect that’s going on. Plus, it’s a guitar, so it’s cool by default.




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  1. I didn’t know you played the guitar. That is cool.

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