Life in Indy

I’ve been so busy since I moved here! It’s a wonderful feeling. I like having lots to do. I’ve been working more hours, which my paycheck and I both love. And I really like my job. I liked it before, too, but I like it even more now. And I never realized how much I would like living in the city. I am within walking distance of the grocery store, the library, the gym, a clothing store, a dollar store, a pharmacy, and even my dentist. And I’m only a 15-minute (or so) drive from church, the art museum, and several other places I like.
I had a couple of friends down here already, but I’ve already met more people. I occasionally meet with a group to “jam” to old-time folk and blues music. And I’ve even met some like-minded people at church. I’ve started to study Spanish again, I’ve been reading a lot, I always have writing projects to work on, and I have even more projects and adventures planned for the future.
So, I just wanted to report that I am very happy here in Indianapolis. I’m having a great time.


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  1. Journal of Healing

  2. I’m so happy that you’re happy:):)Love you!

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