The Phrase Game

One of my favorite games is to take an old or well-known saying and imagine somebody saying it out of context. Take, for example, “I shudder to think,” as demonstrated in the following fictional conversations:

Jimmy: Do you want to play basketball or ping pong?

Bobby: Oh, I shudder to think.

Jimmy: Okay… Whatever you need to do. But don’t take too long, because I really want to play something.


Carla: What are you doing? I just asked if you knew how to get to the museum.

Janice: Well, I shudder to think.

Carla: Oh, is THAT why you always do that? I wondered…

Oh, the things that go through my head when I’m driving. Always a party up there.


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  1. Definitely just heard someone use that phrase and laughed. I couldn’t not imagine him stopping for a second and shuddering for a little bit. hahaha good times.

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