New Adventure

I’ve had a slight change of plans. Remember how excited I was to take off around the country, be location independent, go where the winds blew me? Well, I might still do that in the future (I have my whole life, after all), but FIRST, I’m going to move to Indianapolis. The company I currently work for offered me a new position at the main office near Indianapolis. It was a hard decision since I had my heart set on traveling. However, not only will I get more music therapy experience doing this, but I will also be working on computers, getting I.T. experience, and supervising/mentoring other music therapists. That kind of offer was too great to pass up. Besides all that, it is still a new location. And I might end up really liking it there. But there is nothing keeping me there if a year or so goes by and I still feel like moving on. I figure I’ll just make Indy my first stop, stick around if I love it, move on if I don’t. I’M STILL FREE!!

So, I got my new apartment about a week ago, and I’ll move in about three weeks. I’ll be living only about fifteen minutes from the office, but I don’t know how far I’ll be from the other places I’ll be driving to. But I am truly excited about this. It feels perfect. Plus, when I think about leaving to Boston or whatever, I get a panicky feeling instead of excitement like what I used to get. So, that tells me that this is what I’m supposed to be doing. But if I hadn’t made those plans, this opportunity might not have come to me, so it did serve that purpose, at least.


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  1. Have I told you that you are awesome? Cause you are! Miss you!

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