Another one… but different

So I had another dream the other night.  In some ways (read:  theme), it was similar the one I described here.  Here is what I can remember:

I was visiting my cousins at their house.  On the main level, it was a regular, modest house, just like their house now is.  Now, their current house has an unfinished basement.  In my dream, when we went downstairs there were some huge differences.  The first was that it was much, much, much bigger than it should have been for the size of the main level of the house.  The other was that it was kind of like a hotel down there, with several hallways of just bedrooms, almost dorm-like (only nice, like a hotel – but more homey).  The bedrooms all were in about 2 or 3 vertical hallways with a horizontal hallway at the head, where we came down the stairs.  When we turned left, we went down the hall a short distance and came to a door.  The door kind of looked like it would just go out to a garage or something.  And there was some kind of break between the hall and the door, kind of like it wasn’t attached to the house – I can’t remember exactly, just that I had to step over something.  Anyway, so I open the door, and there is this HUGE family room in there.  It’s like one of those big party rooms at a clubhouse or something.  There’s a big t.v., several really nice, big couches, a kitchen area with a counter, fridge, sink.  There was probably some game equipment, too, but I don’t remember for sure.  So, I go over to the couches and there is a random assortment of, I don’t know, probably 7 or 8 of our other cousins.  People who live far away, in all different cities & states.  There were some faces I recognized, and some of them I just knew they were my cousins but didn’t register exactly who they were.  But none of them were people I’ve spent a ton of time with before.  I haven’t really talked often or in depth with them in real life – these aren’t the cousins I’m “closest to.”  But of course I’m happy to see them, and we visit for a little bit.  It’s nice to spend time with them.  Oh, and there were people in all parts of the room.  I’m assuming they were family as well, but I’m not sure.  Anyway, so it’s time to go to bed, and we all head out to the super fancy bedrooms.  Thing is, they appear to all be taken.  For the rest of the dream, I’m just wandering from bedroom to bedroom, looking for a place to sleep.  I don’t seem to be distressed or bothered by it at all.  I’m just wandering around saying hi to everybody and seeing if there is an extra bed.

You may be asking, how is that dream similar to the one with the gang fight and the person falling off the building, and being chased around a warehouse?

Well, luckily I was not being chased or confronted in this dream.  But it still has the theme of looking for somewhere to sleep, somewhere to live, somewhere to BE.  Looking for a place to belong.  And what bothers me about this dream is that I couldn’t find it among my family.  And that, in my dream, this didn’t bother me.  But as I’ve been contemplating over the last couple days, it really isn’t setting well.  I mean, there were so many great places to sleep, but nowhere was working out.  I don’t know if it’s because there weren’t any beds (there were 2 or 3 beds in each room) or if the people weren’t comfortable with me being there, or if I wasn’t comfortable sharing a room with them.  Nobody said anything unkind or harsh or dismissive.  I can’t put my finger on what it was that had me moving from room to room.  I just wasn’t finding what I was looking for, I guess.  And that kind of bothers me, too.  I mean, what if it wasn’t that I wasn’t being accepted?  What if the real problem was that I just couldn’t be satisfied with what was provided?  I don’t know which it was.

So, anyway, that’s what’s on my mind today.



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